Anderson Creek Community Church


           Sunday School

Sunday School Services start at 10 AM
​Adult Sunday School Teacher                Ralph Darch
​Teen Sunday School Teacher               Mandy Tyrna
Intermediate Sunday School Teacher          Cecelia Harvin
​Preschool Sunday School Teacher             Pam Blantch

Sunday Worship

​​Sunday Worship Services start at 11 AM
​Pastor Sam Harvin.
​Coming very soon, our sermons will be in video live from facebook and youtube

​               Please stay tuned

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Sunday Night Bible Study

Sunday Night Bible Study Starts at 6 PM
​Chuck Taylor leads
Ralph officially making Chuck and Matt Deacons of the church
We need to throw rocks at this photographer..........just sayin
​​Wednesday Night Bible Study
​​​​Wednesday Night Bible Study 7 PM

​Matt Tyrna leads
Matt's first step in his entry to the ministry
July 5, 2015